Avy Scott: 435 Filmati

Nome d'Arte: Avy Scott
Alias​​: April Scottt
Professione: Porn Star
Paese di origine: United States
Razza: Caucasian
Colore degli occhi: Blue
Colore dei capelli: Blonde
Altezza: 168 cm
Peso: 61 kg
Seno: 91
Misura coppa del seno: D
Tette Naturali o Finte: Naturali
Scarpa: 8
Piercing: Navel
Vita: 66
Fianchi: 93
Extra: Her first name is pronounced as if saying the letters "A-V" (rhyming with "navy"), and is a shortened form of the French word "Avril", which she used in high school French class.
Formerly a business and psychology major in college, Scott started out doing live masturbation shows online and subsequently dropped out of college, entering the adult entertainment industry in November 2001. Her first film was Four Finger Club #20, while her first boy-girl scene was in Real Sex Magazine #47. She has appeared in over 100 adult films and has directed four.
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